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Digital Colour Forecasting – Pimkie Color

Here is a novel approach to the evolving digital landscape that we find ourselves in. Ever though to yourself – I wonder what they’re wearing in Antwerp? Ever ended up drunk on a train only to wake-up in Milan with everyone in blue and you’re in green (damn, so last year)?

I came across the Pimkie Color Forecast today to solve just such first world problems. The forecast shows you in real time what colors people are wearing in the fashion capitals. The service currently investigates Paris, Milan, & Antwerp via Big Brother type approach utilising live web feeds and daily, weekly, and monthly colour trending charts in each city.

The movement from a web 2.0 world, into a truly interconnected world harnessing the full resources of web and mobile, plus all the demographic, geographical, and other data sets the latter allows for, will thoroughly change the how fashion is forecast and planned for in coming years.


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