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Condiments – It’s the little things that count…

It was the Fox who said, “what is essential is invisible to the eye.” In a world of rapidly changing real and digital landscapes providing your customers with anything that is going to go that extra little 1% can truly pay off.

I came across a super simple story about this timeless piece of wisdom from Seth Godin this morning.


It takes a bold and confident cook to serve a naked hot dog. No roll, no kraut, no mustard.

And a movie shown on a bare wall in an empty room is never going to be received as well as one seen in a crowded theater.

It might be bold to put your work into the world unadorned, but it’s probably ineffective.

We know that a placebo works better if it’s handed to you by a doctor in a lab coat, and that the little show the sommelier puts on improves the taste of wine.

The packaging, the service, the environment, the hours, the interactions, the way it feels to tell our friends–these are all the free prize.

This bonus, the extra free prize that doesn’t seem to be the point of the item itself, is often more important than the thing you think you actually make. The single most effective way to improve your impact is to do a better job of providing it.

Sure, a better hot dog is always appreciated. But when you want to increase user satisfaction, don’t forget to offer better mustard.



Foreplay with your business

I recently finished reading Financial Foreplay by Sydney based financial and business consultant Rhondalynn Korolak. I’ll say now that Enterprising Fashion does not receive a single cent for recommending any product, service, or company in our posts.

With that disclaimer out of the way…

Rhondalynn’s style of writing around sometimes scary and complicated issues such as cash flow, inventory, and accounting babble is both refreshing, calming yet exciting, and ultimately quite educational.

For those interested in sampling her work check out her blog. A particular favourite of mine is her Dec 2010 post ‘Is inventory killing your business?’.

Do you have any inventory management strategies to share?