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Digital Colour Forecasting – Pimkie Color

Here is a novel approach to the evolving digital landscape that we find ourselves in. Ever though to yourself – I wonder what they’re wearing in Antwerp? Ever ended up drunk on a train only to wake-up in Milan with everyone in blue and you’re in green (damn, so last year)?

I came across the Pimkie Color Forecast today to solve just such first world problems. The forecast shows you in real time what colors people are wearing in the fashion capitals. The service currently investigates Paris, Milan, & Antwerp via Big Brother type approach utilising live web feeds and daily, weekly, and monthly colour trending charts in each city.

The movement from a web 2.0 world, into a truly interconnected world harnessing the full resources of web and mobile, plus all the demographic, geographical, and other data sets the latter allows for, will thoroughly change the how fashion is forecast and planned for in coming years.


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Player Profile: Pachinko Pictures

Player: Pachinko Pictures

Location: Melbourne Australia

Website: pachinkopictures.com

Specialities: All things animation across web, video, iphone, ipad, android, and many more

Clients: McQ by Alexander McQueen, Vogue Japan, Chupa Chups, Nike, and London Fashion Week to name a few…

McQ by Alexander McQueen: Youths from Pachinko Pictures on Vimeo.

Pachinko Pictures is a Melbourne based digital animation studio with extensive experience in the world of fashion. A small team capable of big things. UK natives Dave & Ian of Pachinko have worked across the globe with the likes of Nike, McQ, and Vogue. Dave & Ian were engaged to produce the first ipad magazine for Vogue Japan (Vogue Hommes Blossom). The result of which is below.

Vogue Hommes: Blossom from Pachinko Pictures on Vimeo.

Upon the release of the ipad in 2010 Pachinko was one of the first players on the block to leverage the new found technology to levels ahead of the time. See how Pachinko utilised the brand of Lady Gaga in a magazine concept with an integrated commerce and retail platform.

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Service that’ll make you gasp…How NOT to treat customers

Unless you spent today under a rock you would have heard about the story of  Keara O’Neil and her foray with Gasp employee Chris (a ‘qualified stylist’). You can find the full story and hilarious comments at the Melbourne Weekly site, along with the actual letters. Oh how these things spread…

In the middle of the largest slowdown in 20 years for the retail sector the shortsightedness and unparalleled unprofessional of GASP is a class A example of what not to do. In the military they call this the ‘one man war.’ This is where the stupid misguided actions of just one grunt can have mission critical impacts.

There are unconfirmed reports that this single issue is trending second in Australia today. The fact that GASP are attempting to remove posts from their Facebook and Twitter feeds would indicate their knowledge of social media is up there with their service ethic. Fuel to the fire.

In the words of one Melbourne Weekly comment “good luck in the recession.”

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The Connected Continent

It is no surprise that the internet is now a part of every day life in and outside of business. What began as simple websites and directories has evolved with cheetah like pace to an essential service. But is this really only the tip of the iceberg..?

Deloitte Australian and Access Economics explore the growing impact of the internet on the Australian economy in their September 2011 report The Connected Continent. Although the report seems to have been commissioned and funded by Google, the overarching themes seem well worth taking note of.

Its getting bigger…

The report attempts to quantify the direct contribution of the internet to the Australian economy. The result is an astounding $50 billion (with a ‘B’). That puts it roughly on the same contribution level as Retail and Education and Training. Both of which are at $53 billion. However by 2016 the contribution of the internet to the Australian economy is set to expand to 70 billion.

There is still plenty of room to grow

The report illustrates that internet usages between 2007 and 2010 has doubled in Australia. With further advancements in technology infrastructure rapidly rolling out (i.e. NBN and smartphones), it is only natural that software continues to evolve to further impact traditional retail models. Already Tissot customers can utilise augmented reality to see and feel how a watch fits them. Technology may expand to the point where it threatens traditional brick and mortar boutiques. How the client service of a boutique would be delivered digitally is yet to be answered?

Australia is warming to e-commerce

Analysis of online shopping in Australia imply that this purchase method will grow at 11.2% annually to 2016. That is roughly three times fasted than total economic growth. What does this imply? Convergence of consumption. Increasingly technology evolution will have people  shopping away from ‘traditional’ retail in favour of online options. The key to physical retail success will come through an offering beyond price. An experience that no technology can supplant. Finding what exactly that is for a fashion label will be key.

For those with a fetish for charts and all things economics, the full report can be downloaded through Deloitte Australia.

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